Packaging Solutions


Paint & Chemicals

The Metal containers ranges are for General Line Cans; from 200 ml Cylindrical Cans to 25 Liters Cylindrical and Conical Pails, along with a wide range of Oblong/Rectangular cans.
They are suitable for paints, varnishes, lacquers, industrial coatings, car refinish , solvents, hardeners, water base paints, industrial oils, lubricants, break fluids, adhesives, glue, PVC cement, stucco and putty.

Metal containers and cans
Edible dry food cans

Dry Food Cans

Our dry food tin cans range is perfect to package all sorts of dry edibles.
They are suitable for: mixed nuts, coffee, custard, corn starch, and other powder food, coffee, tea cans, bakery powder products, oats, custard…

Edible Oils

You can package any type of edible oils in our metal cans. As an example, olive oil most favorite containers are tin cans, as the olive oil stays away from the daylight which can impact the quality of the oil.
Our metal tin cans are cost convenient and perfect for stacking and exporting. We have various sizes and heights with round/cylindrical and rectangular shapes suitable for the edible oils such as olive oil, sun flower Oil, corn Oil and soya Oil.

Edible oils packaging metal cans
Customized cans

Fancy Cans

Whatever is the product you want to package or the occasion you are tailoring for, we can partner together, design and execute the fanciest can.
They are suitable for: coffee, tea, biscuits, cookies, chocolate, candies, toys & gifts, soap, wine, candles